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imageOne of the tools for cleaning that is the most powerful that you can ever possess is the pressure washer. Using this machine, you have the ability to wash just about any surface and restore it to "like-new" appearance.

Mostly, pressure washers can be considered as innovative garden hoses. They spray water with tremendous pressure to wash away dirt that is hard to remove, from nearly any kind of surface. Pressure washers are fast, easy and efficient for cleaning your car, garage floor, roof, gutters, and wood decks.

However, if you intend to use a pressure washer for a harder cleaning job, like removing grease off the floor of your garage or for extensive use, then you need a hot water pressure washer.

You will see that there are many more benefits with hot water pressure washers than with cold water pressure washers.

To begin with, cold pressure washers cost less than the hot water version. However, a lot of people choose a hot water pressure machine because it works better for washing greasy and grimy areas.

You probably understand that if you use a cold water pressure washer you will have a harder time removing grease on a particular surface. The reason for this is that the water will be room temperature or cold. This means that after awhile the grease will change into a stiff and waxy substance that will be very difficult to take off even if you spray it with a pressure washer.

A hot water pressure washer will spray hot water with great force. Not only will it remove the grime and grease from the surface, it will soften it and make it easy to remove. For greasy jobs, hot water units usually work better than cold water units. The most important reason is they can heat the water's temperature to a maximum of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat is the most important part of cleaning in the power washing procedure. Hot water at high pressure is quite abrasive. This, combined with pressure washer chemicals, dissolves grime, dirt and stains. Then the water pressure loosens them up and washes them away.

Also, your cleaning jobs will be done much quicker if you have a hot water pressure washer because it works a lot better to remove dirt from nearly any kind of surface.

For instance, you surely know that it is very difficult to remove the oil that drops from your vehicle onto the concrete floor of your garage. If you use a hot water pressure washer, the warmth from the water will loosen the stain and the pressure will just wash it off.

This superheated water kills micro-organisms such as bacteria or viruses, thereby quickly sanitizing most surfaces.

Additionally, if you use our specially-designed, Unimanix brand commercial chemical cleaners with your hot water pressure washer, your cleaning work will be much easier.

A bucket and soap may be handy for yout home jobs, but there are definite advantages to a using hot pressure washer in any commercial facility or industrial environment. Your cleaning duties will be much simpler with the right equipment. If you need to clean your truck fleet, hotel rooms, agricultural machinery, restaurant or manufacturing plant, Unimanix hot water pressure washer can make your work much easier. Because a pressure washer cleans more efficiently, you can complete your cleaning work much quicker and with perfect results with each cleaning session. Unimanix high-quality, industrial-grade power washers will be an excellent choice for any type of work you need.
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