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The patented VersaGRIP™ trigger gun features dual action triggers that enable you to clean at any angle and is compatible with most gas pressure washers. Our gas pressure washers are backed by generous warranties and are serviced by a nationwide network of more than 1,000 service centers, from coast to coast.

This will help you decide the type of gas pressure washer you need to buy with respect to power, usage, and portability. Gas pressure washers come in various sizes, features, and specifications. It is hard for a beginner to find the best product as per his requirements.

Pole kits extend your reach when cleaning building and large surfaces. However, shopping for a pressure washer can be a bit confusing, especially if you’re not familiar with the common terminology. Additionally, you’ll have to choose between gas- and electric-powered options, each of which have pros and cons. This DEWALT Pressure Washer delivers 4,400 PSI at 4 GPM, and it boasts a 50-foot steel-braided hose that’s durable, non-marring, and three times more abrasion-resistant than rubber hoses.

The CRAFTSMAN 3000 MAX PSI at 2.1 GPM Gas Pressure Washer is perfect for beginners and seasoned pressure washer users alike. The pressure washer comes with a quick connect gun with five handy nozzles, while the high-performance pump will ensure that you have smooth and consistent water pressure for years to come. Other features include a 25-foot pressure washer hose and an ergonomic trigger gun, ensuring that you have enough range that you don’t have to move the machine too often. Traditionally a gas pressure washer was reserved for large industrial jobs, but the newest models are quiet, lightweight, and very portable. In my case, I had issues with my neighbor just because of his gas pressure washer extreme noise.

The unit runs on 196cc engine with an axial pump that powers water at 2.4 gallons per minute at approximately 2800PSI. The washer has four quick-change nozzles that can be used for different cleaning tasks.

The performance of a gas pressure washer starts with the engine, and the Ryobi RY comes equipped with a 160 cc Honda engine that has a truly stellar reputation. To highlight the significance of adding a Honda engine, Ryobi includes it in the name of this pressure washer. The quiet-running brushless induction motor of the Ryobi RY should last for years, and the machine’s heft helps make it really hard to tip over, even when you’re forcefully tugging on the hose.

The water temperature should not exceed 122℉ (140℉ on the PSI models). A pressure washer’s nozzle is one of the most important features of the tool, because it controls the angle and intensity of the water when it’s sprayed. Gas pressure washers typically have metal nozzles for increased durability, and usually include multiple options, which are color-coded to correspond to how narrow and powerful the spray will be. Look for a pressure washer that includes at least five nozzles, so you can customize the spray’s pressure and intensity based on the job that you’re doing. Gas-powered pressure washers boast a range of benefits that you can't get from electric alternatives.

Just to mention, the 40-degree nozzle is good for car cleaning while the low-pressure nozzle works best when washing wooden surfaces. The Simpson Cleaning CM60912 Gas Pressure Washer is another Simpson product designed with great convenience in mind. Whereas it might not stock all the essential features of high-end pressure washers, the unit comes with an upright design that makes it easy maneuvering daily cleaning tasks. Before checking at the features of the products outlined, it is important highlighting what you consider when searching for the best gas pressure washer.

The rest of the machine (pump, frame, etc.) is warrantied by Kärcher on all of our residential gas pressure washers. These are residential gas power washers designed to work with your home’s tap water.

The pressure washer has come with a stunning residential engine powered by Kohler. This powerful engine is capable of producing a water flow of 2.4GPM and a maximum pressure of 3100 PSI.

Otherwise, the maintenance cost will go up and merits will turn into demerits. Powered by the durable Honda engine, PowerBoss 3100 PSI gas pressure washer has got every feature you need for your home.

Along with its larger wheels and cable, as well as its hose management, this sturdy design makes the RY the easiest to maneuver and use of the washers we tested. The company’s three-year limited warranty is also the longest we found.

Additionally, the RY is gas powered, and as with any gas model, a good deal of maintenance goes along with that. As good as the Honda engine is, it will need oil changes, spark-plug maintenance, and seasonal shutdowns. You also need to figure the price of gas and stabilizer into the operating costs. No electric pressure washer requires that kind of upkeep, which is why we recommend an electric model first if you think that type would work for your property.

A pressure washer like the Karcher K5 will get the job done in no time. This electric power washer delivers up to 2,000 PSI at 1.4 GPM, and it has an onboard detergent tank for easy soap application. The Karcher K5 has up to 40 times as much pressure as a garden hose, and it includes two wands—the Vario for everyday cleaning and the DirtBlaster for tough jobs. Gas pressure washers provide powerful water pressure for heavy duty cleaning applications.

Also, electric motors are usually quieter and require less maintenance than a gas engine. Finally, the user does not need to store or handle fuel for electric pressure washers, which can become an expense over time. A gas pressure washer will certainly give you tremendous support around your home. But, you have to keep in mind that, the power of a gas pressure washer cuts money off your pocket. So, you have to be careful about the scheduled maintenance of the pressure washer.

Do you need the best solution that can handle those cleanings around your home with little to no effort? If your answer is "Yes", then you need to have the best gas pressure washer for home use.

Now you can easily compare gas vs electric pressure washer on your own. The harder the cleaning job it is, the higher the cleaning power you are going to need. My first experience of buying a pressure washer started with this confusion.

Due to various available options, it is important to find a unit that satisfies individual needs. Additionally, different pressure washer models handle different pressures. Your choice of product should be able to provide enough power to handle the anticipated tasks. That said, most of the products reviewed below have enough power, and can be equated to 3000 PSI electric pressure washer or performs better. Electric units are safe to use indoors because they don’t produce harmful fumes.

Surface cleaner attachments include two or more nozzles that offer a consistent spray directly onto flat surfaces for increased cleaning. Add water de-ionization systems that remove any dissolved solids from the water for spotless air drying.

The unit has come up with a Honda GC190 engine which has a 187cc cylindrical dimension. MS60763-S MegaShot has been the talk of the city among the gas power washers duty its engine.

An example of this scenario is when 2 units have the same cleaning power but have different PSI and GPM. On the other hand, the engine size of the gas pressure washer is measured in cubic centimeters or cc, which refers to the total volume of the engine’s combustion chamber. To help you out further, we even rake through the internet to give you a list of the 7 best gas pressure washers that are great value for the money.
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