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To me, I get frustrated when someone isn't talking clear to me. I want someone to explain to me crystal clear. Like when someone told me to "make a website," I'm like "OF WHAT!?"

I get frustrated when an event just happened in the last minute. I'm fine if the unexpected event involves with natural disasters, but if it's like "We're going on a hike right now than next week," I'm like "WHAT THE HEX!!! I'm not ready for that today!" I want to know of an event that's in at least a week.

I get frustrated by someone who interrupts me when I have something to say. I was told it's rude to interrupt someone talking. I want everyone to have good manners. If it isn't rude, then I would like to forget etiquette, and start learning it again. Just be able to have that memory or function, and delete it.
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