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Is there a difference between the signs and symptoms of autism in men and women?
by Apprentice (450 points)

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1 Answer

There is evidence and research that says Autism is more common in males and females.  Some suggest as much as 3 times more men have autism.  We are finding however that there are more females than previously thought due to how it shows itself in symptoms.  Females don't typically have the same outward behaviors as men due largely to the testosterone and estrogen chemical differences in their bodies.  However there are similarities.  Disconnect between cause and effect, impulsivity, lack of nuance skills (like social awareness), simple/clear,strait forward views, likes clarity to the point of possible rigidity, etc.  Not every one has the same symptoms, but these are a few that pervade most.  Females have shown different social symptoms, but also share anxiety and depression similar to males.  Regardless of gender, males and females have more similar needs than dissimilar to "typical brains".  They need friends, purpose, attachments, safety, a sense of control/choices, and hobbies.  They tend to have similar weaknesses as well, like immaturity, obsessive focus, rigid thinking, and lack of perspective for big picture things- especially social/emotional cause and effect.
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