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.Please let us know your experience for answering on this site, ie. parent of autists, professional, I'm an Aspie, etc
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I think, as an autist, that the best advice to the parent is to let their child get a life. This means helping them learn life skills, like cooking and cleaning and laundry. But, there comes a time in most peoples' lives where they want to leave the home to find their way in the world. It is always hard, even for someone without autism, but the difficulty is increased exponentially for someone on the spectrum because it means leaving their comfort zone. This is especially hard for an autist because their comfort zone is deeper than a "normal" person. We need to find familiarity and comfort in our lives so that we can become better at what we do best, whatever that may be. We don't like to be smothered by our parents which is why we need to get out and be ourselves.
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